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There are many people behind the BGC success story. Here we introduce you to the members of our team and our partner companies whose combined experience and expertise make BGC a world leader. You can also find out more about our commitment to charity fundraising and contact us about current opportunities.

Since its separation out of Cantor Fitzgerald in 2004, BGC Partners, Inc. (NASDAQ: BGCP) has expanded to 19 offices across all major time zones with over 1,400 brokers  BGC is one of the world’s leading inter-dealer brokers, providing integrated voice and electronic services to wholesale market participants across the globe. We are active in the global fixed income, rates, foreign exchange, equity derivatives, credit derivatives, futures and structured product markets.  BGC also offers a full range of brokerage services including price discovery, trade execution, straight through processing, clearing and settlement and access to electronic trading services.

 U.S. securities products and services are offered by BGC Financial L.P.

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- SEC Rule 606 most recent Monthly and archived reports 


Take an interactive tour to find out how BGC evolved into today’s world-class brokerage service.

Executive Management

We owe our success to an international team with a wealth of experience in building financial businesses.

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In a crowded market, often it’s difficult to see what differentiates one competitor from another.

Our demo shows what’s unique about BGC’s offer to you.

Global Businesses

We offer our customers the benefit of a leading global platform, coupled with valuable local expertise.


Our belief in pursuing the highest standards of achievement extends beyond the boardroom. We’re proud to support talented sportsmen and women whose faith in hard work and commitment reflects our own.

Career Opportunities

Inspired to join us? At BGC, your tenacity and talent will be rewarded. Contact us here.

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