CAPITALAB – Winner of GlobalCapital’s Best Compression Service Award 2016

I am pleased to announce that the publication GlobalCapital has recognized BGC Partners and GFI Group across three categories at its 2016 Global Derivatives Awards.

GlobalCapital named BGC Partners “Equity derivatives interdealer broker of the year” and “Credit derivatives interdealer broker of the year.”  It also awarded CAPITALAB, a division of BGC Brokers L.P., the distinction of “Compression/compaction service of the year.”

With these three awards, our customers have recognized us as a leading innovator in the highly competitive equity and credit derivatives markets, as well as in the complex derivatives portfolio optimisation space.

Please join me in congratulating the CAPITALAB team, led by co-founders Gavin Jackson and David Bachelier, on winning the “Compression/compaction service of the year” in their very first year of operation. Additionally, I want to congratulate Jean-Pierre Aubin, Global Head of Listed Products and General Manager, Continental Europe, and Philip Cramp, Head of Credit, Repo and EGBs in London, for their leadership of our equity and credit derivatives businesses, respectively.

Let’s continue to focus on delivering the kind of innovation and client service that garners recognition from our clients and the markets at large.

Shaun D. Lynn
President of BGC Partners


CAPITALAB provides innovative, high-impact technology solutions that bring greater capital and operational efficiency to the global derivatives market. It assists clients in managing the growing cost of holding derivatives, while meeting their regulatory mandates. Through services like the Swaptioniser® system for portfolio compression of Interest Rate Swaptions, Caps & Floors and FX Options, CAPITALAB simplifies the complexities of managing large quantities of derivatives, promotes sustainable growth, lowers systemic risk and improves resiliency in the industry. Derivatives market participants benefit from CAPITALAB’s state-of-the-art technology, which allows them to better focus on their core competencies.

CAPITALAB, a new division of BGC Brokers L.P., is led by a team of former traders and quants from sell-side institutions, including Mr. Olivier Alvarez, Mr. David Bachelier and Mr. Gavin Jackson, who together combine over 30 years of experience in interest rates options trading and quantitative research. BGC Brokers L.P. is regulated by the UK Financial Conduct Authority and based in London.