FENICS – Market Data Analyst

Main job responsibilities:

  • Provide support to customers and vendors relating to the groups data products, announcements, issues and queries.
  • Ensure the delivery and quality of data provided to vendors and customers.
  • Complete all routine data operations and input processes.
  • Assist in the planning and management of new products.
  • Assist in the QA and ongoing monitoring of data content.
  • Work closely with the FENICS Market Data Technology teams and data vendors to analyze and onboard new data sets and products.
  • Provide FENICS Market Data client profile reports to assist Sales.

Main internal interfaces:

  • Production Support
  • eCommerce
  • MDS Tech
  • FENICS Market Data: Technology; Sales; Product Development
  • eCustomer Access
  • Various Broker Desks
  • Front Office Development (FOD)

Qualifications / skills required:

  • Undergraduate degree (or equivalent) required
  • Detail oriented
  • Good people skills. Strong communication skills required.
  • Basic business and finance knowledge required
  • Knowledge of financial markets products preferred

Please send all applications to