Energy Suppliers

Ampex Energy, LLC. is a wholly owned subsidiary of BGC Partners Inc.

Energy Suppliers

Ampex Energy

Ampex is an innovative energy supply company, leveraging unique relationships, state of the art technology, strong financial position, and a lean team of some of the industry’s most experienced professionals. This unparalleled combination of technology, experience, financial strength, and relationships help Ampex to provide customers with the most aggressive and unique pricing in the market.

Ampex is on the forefront of energy solutions specializing in commercial and industrial customers. Our cutting edge technology and products allow our clients to maximize cost savings and optimize their energy spend.

Ampex Energy, LLC prides itself on offering customer the most innovative price saving products and technology in the market; allowing our customers to manage their risk. Energy spend is one of the largest costs for any building. Utility rates do not allow customers to hedge their energy and weather exposure; leaving them subject to market volatility. Ampex helps to fill this void and allows customers to manage weather dependent risk through multiple strategies, helping to navigate these dynamic markets.

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Price Savings

Ampex leverages their superior financial strength (backed by BGC Partners Inc.), state of the art technology platform, groundbreaking product development and a systematic business approach to maximize savings over other suppliers.  Ampex is working to change the way buildings buy energy by creating transparency to the market allowing clients to minimize and understand risk.

Risk Management

Ampex uses proprietary cutting edge technologies to manage risk for our customers including weather normalized hedging options.  Ampex customizes pricing and creates the right energy solution for each of our unique customers.  Understanding your usage based on weather is the key to structuring the right product and risk strategy for your buildings.  Let Ampex show you how to maximize your savings using our proprietary methods.

Renewable Energy Options

Ampex offers customers renewable energy choices including green power and working with LEED Certified buildings.  Ampex’s unparalleled relationships in the renewable and carbon markets allow Ampex to create innovative green energy solutions, without exponentially increasing prices.

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