BGC Market Data - Data Usage Policies

Data Policies

Application Usage

Please be aware that the entitlement and use of BGC Market Data (BGCMD) in any non-display applications/products is subject to separate licensing from BGC Market Data L.P, including downloading, storage, forwarding and the creation of derived data. This policy applies to all BGC Partners sourced real-time, intra-day, delayed, snap-shot or historical data (including any trial periods), and includes all “Public”, “Private” and “Specialist” data sets distributed by our Vendor partners.
Any data sourced from BGC Partners platforms, APIs and websites that is not used to support direct trade activities with BGC Partners is also subject to market data usage licensing and data fees.


BGC Partners-sourced market data may not be redistributed outside of the licensee’s legal organization without a BGCMD Redistribution Agreement.
The entitlement, use and redistribution of BGCMD for Investable or Trade-able Asset creation or within Execution Venues is not permitted.

Permissioned User Counting and Reporting

All permissioned users (including all downstream entitled users) are subject to Market Data access fees including IT/Technical access, Monitoring, Test/Development, Back-up/DR, and Administrative usage as well as all multiple instance situations.

Please contact for further information.