BGC Market Data is the exclusive distributor of real-time, tradable, indicative, end-of-day and historical global fixed income, foreign exchange, futures and derivatives pricing sourced from BGC Partners, a leading global electronic and hybrid inter-dealer broker.


BGC Market Data offers clients–from the individual user to the global enterprise–the flexibility to consume and rationalize data usage through a variety of delivery channels based on their individual requirements. Included in the delivery options is access to an industry-leading direct low latency feed, static file over FTP, connectivity via the internet, and data access via BGC Market Data’s vendor partners.

BGC Direct Feed and BGC API

The BGC Direct Feed is a point-to-point TCP feed based on the BGC Partners Electronic Trading Interface, a system that provides the necessary trade and market data, and functionality, to trade and post markets with BGC Partners as well as power other trade and non-trade applications. BGC provides a proprietary API, (BGC API), in C++ and Java for integration into Windows, Linux and Solaris environments. BGC’s Direct Feed is consolidated, meaning all BGC Trading Systems are possible over one feed, one API. The Feed delivers:

  • Speed
  • Reliability
  • Security
  • Control and Flexibility

Clients connect to BGC Partners’ networks over a dedicated lease line (although internet connectivity is available for development and market data-only conenctivity). The BGC Client Integration Teams globally will work with all client development staff to ensure quick and painless integration with the BGC trading systems, and all client developed applications are certified by BGC Partners.

FTP Access

BGC Market Data is also available via FTP access in the form of flat files consisting of historical, end-of-day and snapshot pricing across many of the major asset types. The type and quantity of data available per file will be based on the asset classes covered, and the files will range in size from hundreds of bytes to hundreds of MBs. Files are stored in a compressed format for storage purposes, and to minimize the time it takes for client retrieval.

Client file retrieval is performed via standard FTP. Secure client profiles are administered by BGC Market Data and will be provided to the client, allowing access to those files clients are licensed for. Once access is provided, users may download the files at their convenience.

Please note the BGC Market Data Usage Policies regarding licensing requirements when BGC Market Data is used within applications.