3rd Jan, 2018 BGC-Brokers-LP-OTF-Rulebook.pdf
3rd Jan, 2018 GFI-BROKERS-OTF-Rulebook-FINAL
3rd Jan, 2018 GFI-SECURITIES-OTF-Rulebook-FINAL

BGC-Products-Asset classes of financial instruments
GFI-Securities-Ltd-Asset classes of financial instruments
GFI-Brokers-Ltd-Asset classes of financial instruments
Order Handling and Best Execution Policy
Conflict of Interest Statement
Minor non-monetary benefits disclosures

Trading Venue Notices


Action type Effective date Effecitve Time (GMT) Issuer Name Issuer LEI Instrument identifier Instrument full name
Suspension 01/02/2018 09:00 CGG 969500FCVQ5SLAAUJV59 FR0011357664 CGG1.25%JAN19
Suspension 01/02/2018 09:00 CGG 969500FCVQ5SLAAUJV59 FR0012739548 CGGOCEAN1.75%JAN20
Suspension 01/02/2018 09:00 CGG 969500FCVQ5SLAAUJV59 USF1704UAD66 CGG 6 5% 20 01 2021 Reg S




3rd Jan, 2018 MiFIDII-RateCard-Fenics-BGC-OTF-Professional-Counterparties-03-01-2018
3rd Jan, 2018 MiFIDII-RateCard-Fenics-GFI-OTF-Professional-Counterparties-03-01-2018
1st May, 2018 MiFIDII-RateCard-Fenics-Access-Charge-Rate-Card-01-05-2018


Pre- and Post-Trade Transparency Reporting (RTS 1 and 2)
Best Execution Reports (RTS 27 + 28)

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