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3rd Jan, 2018 BGC-Brokers-LP-OTF-Rulebook.pdf

BGC-Products-Asset classes of financial instruments
Best Execution and Order Handling Policy
Conflict of Interest Statement
Minor non-monetary benefits disclosures



1st Feb, 2022 MiFIDII-RateCard-RPM-Emerging-Markets-01-02-2022
1st Sept, 2019 MiFIDII-RateCard-RPM-IRDs-1-09-2019
26th July, 2019 MiFIDII-RateCard-RPM-Bonds-26-07-2019
5th Feb, 2018 MiFIDII-RateCard-RPM-FX-05-02-2018
1st May, 2018 MiFIDII-RateCard-RPM-Access-Charge-Rate-Card-01-05-2018


Pre- and Post-Trade Transparency Reporting (RTS 1 and 2)
Best Execution Reports (RTS 27 + 28)

Trading Venue Notices

Articles 32 and 52 of MiFID II establish obligations on National Competent Authorities and trading venues relating to the suspension and removal (cancellation) of certain financial instruments from trading (and any subsequent restoration).

The FCA has received notification in relation to the instrument(s) in the table below and in accordance with sections 313CB/313CC of FSMA, the FCA requires action to be taken immediately with regard to trading on these instruments on all Regulated Markets, Multilateral Trading Facilities, Organised Trading Facilities and Systematic Internalisers in the UK.

We have received a request from the FCA to SUSPEND /RESTORE/ REMOVE the instruments (below) and any associated derivatives/other instruments from trading.

The Firm will suspend trading on all venues any financial instrument that is the subject of applicable sanctions imposed by any relevant global government organisation.

Issuer Name ISIN Action Issuer LEI Effective From


Any financial instruments issued by entities that are subject to sanctions imposed due to the Ukrainian conflict are not being admitted to trading on BGC OTF (“BGCO”).
For further information, please contact: #compliancebgcuk@bgcpartners.com.


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