FENICS Market Data Introduces ZAR Rates Suite

New data suite can be added to existing packages on Thomson Reuters

London, Oct 2, 2018 – FENICS Market Data is pleased to announce the release of the ZAR Rates Suite on Thomson Reuters.

The following products are included in this package:

Currency Basis Swaps (USD) ZARCBS=FMD
Currency Basis Swaps (EUR) ZARECB=FMD
Interest Rate Swap (IRS) vs 3M ZARQM3JIRS=FMD
Interest Rate Swap (IRS) Zero ZARQM3JIRSZ=FMD
Forward Starting IRS (Super Tile) ZARQM3JIRSF=FMD
IRS Butterflies ZAQM3JBF=FMD

Data in the ZAR Rates Suite is free to view on Eikon; usage in applications is fee-liable.

For more information about FENICS’ industry leading market data, please Contact Us.